PST Caddy

An Astrozap innovation, the PST Caddy is a must for all owners of the hydrogen-alpha solar telescope.  Its singular design incorporates many features that enhances the use of the PST and enjoyment of solar observing.  The Astrozap PST Caddy accommodates four 1.25” eyepieces in rubber lined slots, plus an unlined slot that holds the PST lens cap.  The Caddy's light shield rigidly stays in place at a right angle to the utility tray, providing comfortable viewing of our nearest star, and is specially made to permit the use of the PST's internal solar finder.  Proudly manufactured in the USA of solid aluminum stock, the Caddy is painted in an attractive, durable, high-gloss white powder paint that resists chipping. 

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PST Caddy


PST Eyepiece Caddy

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