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Good morning...

Received the dust cover for our 14" Meade last week and appreciate the prompt service.

I wanted to let you know that I have your dew shields on every one of our Meade and Celestron patrol telescopes (7 of them total) and am just absolutely sold on the quality and workmanship of AstroZap....

Quality speaks loudly to me these days and your products are absolutely the best, hands down. From the precision fit and form of the shields and caps to the absolute perfect match and unblemished nature of the paint and finish, you are tops on our list.

Thanks for providing an excellent item.

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod
Arkansas Sky Observatory


I want to thank you in doing an excellent job on the aluminum Astrozap dew shield you made for my 11-inch, Celestron C-11 telescope. The new gray color is a perfect match. Even more important the fit is also a perfect match. It fits snugly on my telescope and with just a few turns on the screws holds it firmly in place.

I was previously using a generic brand flexible dew shield, which I found to be unsatisfactory. I could never get it tight enough so it would not fall off or blow off in the wind. I did not have that problem with your Astrozap dew shield. In addition I found that the lining inside was superior to the other generic flexible shield. The Astrozap dew shield was less reflective.

I used the Astrozap dew shield on a recent Outreach program I did for the Orange County Astronomers ( Around 10:00 PM the dew starting forming. In spite of that, the Astrozap dew shield kept my telescope dry and clear without my having to use any heating bands.

In summary, I am very pleased with all aspects (beauty, fit, workmanship and function) of the Astrozap dew shield.

Best Regards,

Jim Benet
Yorba Linda, California

Gray C 11


I just received a C-11 aluminum black dew cap and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. My C-11 is permanently mounted and I have been waiting for a decent rigid dew cap to come on the market ever since I bought it in 1993. Yours fits the bill perfectly. Finally a dew cap that complements the C-11 instead of looking like an afterthought. Functional, durable, well constructed and good looking-your dew cap is worth every dollar I spent.

Chris Nisbet
Cedar, MN

Black C 11


Just a short note to say that I received the dew shield you fabricated for my gray Celestron Celestar 8. I have to say this is one beautiful piece of work and worth every penny I paid! It matches my telescope perfectly in color and the quality is supurb. Thanks for making the best dew shield on the market!


Mike Davis
Terre Haute, IN


Just finished an early morning observing session of the planets and I had the scope out since 4:30 est.

No dew at all hit the front lens and I watched a lunar transit on jupiter just before sunrise, WOW it was great, that dew shield really works!

I would strongly recommend your dew shields for any scope that you can mount it on, they work well even the one you sold me on the Discovery 10" dob worked great and after I used it on that scope I never had the secondary fog up again.

Great Stuff!
Regards, Jim

MK 66


I just received my custom flexible dew shields for my binoculars and tried them out Saturday night.

They fit perfectly and look great too!

Thank You!

Steve Stansbery
Agoura Hills, California


Previously, I used a generic flexible shield, which tended to shift and was finicky to keep out of the FOV. I've happily said good riddance to it and added your Astrozap aluminum dew shield to my scope.

I'm using mine with a Meade 10" f/6.3 OTA (formerly an LX-200) which now resides on an MI-250 mount. My major interest is long exposure astrophotography and, naturally enough, that tends to color my equipment choices. First and foremost, because the Astrozap aluminum dew shield fits so perfectly, I don't have to worry about it shifting because of conditions during a long exposure (which for me is always 90 minutes or more). No passive dew control method will ever work completely throughout every night and (as I expected) your dew shield works just fine in concert with an active dew remover to keep the corrector plate on my SCT dry under all conditions.

Secondly, when you're doing astrophotography on a GEM with an SCT, it's not unusual to have a longitudinal balance problem. The difficulty is that by the time you've added an off-axis guider like a Lumicon GEG or Taurus Technologies Tracker III (both of which I use), a camera body, and an auto guider, you've added considerable mass at the end of a stubby tube with (typically) limited ability to move the OTA on the saddle plate. With good balance critical to both drive longevity and good tracking capability, this necessitates adding weight to the corrector end of the OTA for balance. The aluminum dew shield allows me to add functional mass to the telescope at a position well separated from the center of mass of the system such that the scope is balanced with a minimum of additional mass. It's also important to note that the mass is symmetrically distributed about the optical axis so that balance is maintained in all orientations.

The bottom line is that I'm not lucky enough to live someplace where there are no nearby lights so a dew shield is a necessity for the control of dew (along with an active dew control device) and to reduce the glare of ambient light. The Astrozap dew shield works excellently to accomplish this for my rather stringent requirements while serving as an important aid in telescope balance.

Besides, it looks cool. ;)


Greg Hartke
Sykesvill, MD


I got your dew shield for my ST-80 and used it tonight for the first time. It worked great! Not one hint of dew formation after 4 hours on a muggy south Florida night.

Frank Cruz
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I received the Astrozap Dew Shield for my Celestron 14 via, U.P.S . this week. It arrived in great condition thanks to your excellent packing! Even my U.P.S. driver commented on how well it was packaged for delivery and said that he wished everyone packaged their products as well! As for the Dew Shield itself, it is fantastic! The finish was flawless and it fit's the 14 great! It matches the color of the 14's tube and looks dynamite on the OTA.

Thank you for a great product!

Robert Ritt
Tierra Mesa Observatory
New Mexico U.S.A.

Here is a photo of my new shorty dew shield and cap installed on my Celestron C14. I'm very impressed with the fit and finish of the shield and the way it performed last weekend was superb! Thanks for a great product!

Best regards,
Bob Mein
Pacific Grove, California

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