A sturdy telescope mount is essential for providing a safe platform for the optical tube assembly and clear images of the objects being observed.  The worst problem with mass marketed telescopes found at popular retailers is not the poor quality of the optics, it is that the mount sold is unstable and of generally poor quality.  The combination results in blurry images and leads to disillusionment with astronomy.  With very few stocking dealers of astronomy equipment left, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right mount for your telescope. 


Astrozap is doing its part to fight back against wobbly, unsuitable telescope mounts with its German Equatorial Mount.  Each Astrozap GEM mount supports a recommended weight capacity of 20 pounds and comes with a stable tubular steel tripod for maximum rigidity.  Each Astrozap GEM mount includes setting circles to help locate celestial objects, an illuminated polar finder to align the mount for proper tracking, upper and lower eyepiece trays, and a 10 pound counterweight.  This is not a motorized or computerized "go-to” mount, but it is upgradable with the addition of various motors and go-to systems widely available on the market. It is compatible with single-axis and dual-axis motor kits, and go-to systems made for the following mounts: Celestron CG5 and ADM, Meade LXD-55 and LXD-75, the Vixen GP series, the Skywatcher EQ-4 and EQ-5, and the Orion Skyview Pro mounts.


Your telescope deserves a solid, reliable structure to provide you with an enjoyable astronomical experience, especially for the "grab-n-go” observer.  Astrozap's GEM mount is an ideal choice and an especially fine value.


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German Equatorial Mount


Astrozap German Equatorial Mount

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